Welcome to Christ the King

where Christ's Love is our Calling


1140 Bay Street, Port Rowan, Ontario, Telephone: 519-586-8383   Email: christtheking@execulink.com




We believe that whenever two or three are gathered in worship, Jesus is true to His Word that He has promised to be in the midst of us so that we may receive the blessings God has promised His faithful.

Christ the King

Evangelical Church

is built on God's unchangeable and inerrant Word in the Holy Bible

and by faith alone in Jesus Christ as the Saviour

for all people who said this;

"I am the Way, the Truth

and the Life,

No one comes to the Father except through Me."

                                 John 14:6

The love of Jesus changes lives and we are a family of Christ's followers committed to living the life that Jesus intended us to live by carrying the precious Gospel of Jesus in our hearts and witnessing to others the power of Jesus the lives of all who believe.

We are an Independent

Evangelical Church

of the Lutheran Confessions

that stands on

God's Word Alone,

Christ Alone and Faith Alone.

where all are welcome.

We gather together to worship the Lord because we are faithful to His bidding to "come unto Him."