Our Mission

By the grace of almighty God we endeavour to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children entrusted to our care, that they might know Him and His love for them and by following His Word, the Holy Bible, receive a strong spiritual foundation.  It is our prayer that they would learn to serve God and Country with love, integrity and esteem, to the joy of their parents and the community they live in.

Our Philosophy


CHRIST THE KING CHILDCARE CENTRE is a ministry of the King Lutheran Church and as such believes that children should be brought up in the nurture and admonition of God's Holy Word.  

In Scripture we read “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  So, parents are to see to it that their children are taught God's commandments and His mercies diligently and repeatedly.  God wants His law in their minds and not just on tablets of stone.  God's principles are to be taught in our homes and to our children, by our words and actions in response to the love of God.  

And while our public institutions are by law restricted from teaching the Christian faith, we wish only to carry out what they are not able to do.  


We believe that when children are taught in the Christian faith, they will develop a steadfast character, integrity and be well suited to become loyal and upright citizens of our country, enhancing communities in which they shall live.  This is indeed well worth the effort to teach them early the love for God, fellowman and Country.

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